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yhang mhany


Hi, I’m Kingsley Assefuah popularly known as Yhang Mhany and I love to make money in everything I do so I created Earn More Cash Today to help others find many ways of earning money with 0% stress.

yhang mhany
yhang mhany

A bit about me

High School Huni Valley Senior High
College University Of Cape Coast
Lives In Tarkwa, Western Region, Ghana
From Shama, Western Region, Ghana
Birthday 27 December 2001
Website Earn More Cash Today
Founded yhangmhany.com


Yhang Mhany holds a Degree from the University of Cape Coast. His academic background, coupled with a genuine curiosity for online opportunities and personal finance, has honed his expertise in the field of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and money management.

Over the years, Yhang has dedicated countless hours to researching and testing various online ventures, allowing him to gain practical insights and a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the world of earning more money online

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Blogging Career

Yhang Mhany’s journey as a blogger began in September 2020. As he delved deeper into the online space, Yhang’s experiences, both triumphs, and setbacks, became invaluable lessons that he felt compelled to share with others. 

Witnessing the potential to positively impact lives and empower individuals to unlock their financial potential, he decided to establish “Earn More Cash Today,” a platform that would serve as a beacon of knowledge and opportunity for his audience. 

One More thing

I’ve gained many benefits since I started this journey. Now I’m a multi-talented person ;

  • I can do what a webmaster does.
  • I can make my own designs. Not pretty nice but I like them.
  • I have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • My writing skills have improved.
  • And many more…

Money is raining on the Internet so it’s either you grab them with me or you regret it later!!!