Abundance DeFi Zoom Meeting Giveaway and Link

Join us for an engaging discussion on how Abundance DeFi works, and get an exclusive look behind the scenes. But that’s not all, we have something special in store for you.

Zoom Meeting Giveaway

We’re giving away $5 to the person who invites the most friends to our Zoom event, and another $5 to a lucky random visitor. Free money!

Mark your calendars

Days: Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Country/Location Time
Germany 07:00 PM
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 09:00 PM
United Kingdom (UK) 06:00 PM
Nigeria 06:00 PM
Pakistan 10:00 PM
India 10:30 PM
Philippines 01:00 AM
Amsterdam 07:00 PM
South Africa 07:00 PM
Bangladesh 11:00 PM
Turkey 08:00 PM
Zambia 07:00 PM
Tanzania 08:00 PM
Benin 06:00 PM
Ghana 05:00 PM
Burundi 07:00 PM
Uganda 06:00 PM
Morocco 06:00 PM
Malaysia 01:00 AM
Colombia 00:00 PM ( 12:00 pm – Afternoon )
Kenya 08:00 PM
Vietnam 00:00 AM ( 12:00 am – Midnight )
Canada 02:00 PM
Indonesia 00:00 AM ( 12:00 am – Midnight )

Zoom Meeting Link

Use the same link as always to join: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/4885259061?pwd=dFMydXJNM1c1TDZScmV6bmV2R3c5UT09

Password: Abundance

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. See you there!