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Earn More Cash Today will be doing a giveaway for its readers from time to time and for now these giveaways include;

  1. Free PayPal Cash
  2. Airtime giveaways
  3. Crypto giveaways

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About this Giveaway

Abundance Defi is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Dapp that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to earn exclusive rewards and access numerous opportunities to earn online.

With 10 package entries starting from $2.50 to $2500.00, Abundance Defi’s Dapp is accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial capabilities.

Prizes to Giveaway

Interested users will be given a $5 package to invest with Abundance DeFi. Every profit you make will go directly into your wallet.


  1. In order to fit for this giveaway, you must have some knowledge about Cryptocurrencies or you must know how DeFi works.
  2. It’s a worldwide giveaway. It doesn’t matter which country you live in. Everyone is welcome to join!

How to Join the Giveaway

The only way to join the giveaway is to connect with Earn More Cash Today on WhatsApp. You can click on the WhatsApp button on our website or use this link to message us.