Ecurrency4u Review, Scam Or Legit

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Who Ecurrency4u Is

Ecurrency4u is a duly registered company in the Republic of Ghana that Buys, Sells, and Exchange various types of Electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Ethereum, Litecoin, Paypal, Webmoney, Payza, skrill, and Bitcoin Cash

How Ecurrency4u Works

In order to Buy or Sell Digital/Cryptocurrencies on Ecurrency4u, you’re required to create an account using a valid Email, Mobile Number, and Bio-Data.

Take Note

Funds recovery is another type of fraud, be aware!

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Registration is free and one-time. Once you become a verified registered user on Ecurrency4u, you’ll enjoy all the features that come from their platform, including discounts and special rates.

Registration Requirements

  • A valid email address and mobile number.
  • Bio-data like first name and last name. This must match what is on your ID Card for future ID Verifications

How To Register

In order to buy and sell digital currencies on Ecurrency4u, you must be a registered and verified user. Follow these steps to register.

  • Opt into the Ecurrency4u website.
  • Provide bio-data like your first name, last name, etc.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Verify your identity.

Digital Currencies Supported On Ecurrency4u

Ecurrency4u currently support 9 digital Currencies and they are;

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Perfect Money
  3. Ethereum
  4. Litecoin
  5. PayPal
  6. WebMoney
  7. Payza
  8. Skrill
  9. Bitcoin Cash

To be able to buy any of the available digital currencies on Ecurrency4u, you must be generally ID-verified. Your payment number must also be verified

You must have a digital currency account where you will store the digital currency you are buying

Why You Should Choose Ecurrency4u

  • Instant buying of Digital Currencies with super tonic speed.
  • Sell your digital currencies and receive your cash via your mobile number.
  • Buy digital currencies directly with your prepared wallet balance.
  • Buy and sell digital currencies any day and any time.

Meet Yhang Mhany

Yhang Mhany is a Ghanaian blogger, an expert in uncovering scams and the founder of Earn More Cash Today, ensuring secure online experiences.

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  1. This great information and I just love everything

    1. Yhang Mhany Avatar
      Yhang Mhany


  2. ECurrency is a scam company
    Don't ever trust them.

    They scammed me twice (all in the name of we double paid you = which they didn't ).

    I called severally and and even show them prove yet did not

    1. Yhang Mhany Avatar
      Yhang Mhany

      Please can you provide your whatsapp number for further assistance? thanks and have a nice day

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