SlickGain Program Review | Is It Scam Or Legit

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SlickGain Program Review
SlickGain Program Review

What Is SlickGain?

SlickGain is an online program driven by the goal of solving the financial problems among the youth, students, middle class, and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunities and making money online legitimately.

You’ll earn on the SlickGain website through their Ad Revenue Sharing. Ad means Advertisment. With SlickGain ad revenue sharing, users earn residual income bonuses by reading news, commenting on articles, daily login into their system (your account), and even sharing assigned sponsored posts on social media.


Funds recovery is another type of fraud, be aware!

Make sure to check these legit platforms before leaving;

  1. Legit Investment websites
  2. Legit Trading Platforms
  3. Perform Tasks and Earn
  4. Legit Mining Hardwares
  5. Legit Loan Providers
  6. Legit Crypto Faucet

How Does SlickGain Work?

  • Open the SlickGain website and click on the registration button on the top menu bar.
  • Fill out the form that appears.
  • After registration, login again to access the platform.
  • Buy a coupon from a vendor on the SlickGain website to activate your account or activate your account through credit/debit card payment.
  • Read news, comment on articles, log in daily, and invite new users to earn real cash today!
  • Withdraw your earned cash via bank transfer or through your mobile money account.

Note: You’ll automatically be an affiliate after a successful registration. As an affiliate, you earn a huge commission of 62.5% per referral on anyone who joins SlickGain through your referral link.

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Packages Available For Account Activation

You’ll be eligible to earn from the SlickGain website if only you buy a package to activate your account. And these are the packages available;

  • Standard PackageWhat’s in this package?
  1. Earn $0.017 / 10Gp / ₦2 per news you read.
  2. Earn $0.017 / 10Gp / ₦3 per comment you make on articles.
  3. $0.052 / 30Gp / ₦10 per post you make.
  4. $0.052 / 30Gp / ₦50 per daily login.
  5. $0.87 / 5GHS / ₦50 one-time registration bonus.
  6. $1.73 / 10GHS / ₦1000 per invite.
  • Premium PackageWhat’s in this package?
  1. Earn $0.017 / 10Gp / ₦2 per news you read.
  2. Earn $0.017 / 10Gp / ₦3 per comment you make on articles.
  3. $0.052 / 30Gp / ₦10 per post you make.
  4. $0.052 / 30Gp / ₦50 per daily login.
  5. $0.87 / 5GHS / ₦50 one-time registration bonus.
  6. $3.47 / 20GHS / ₦1000+ per invite.

Income Structure On SlickGain Website

  • When you read the news, you’ll earn $0.017 / 10Gp in your account.
  • When you comment on articles, you’ll earn $0.017 / 10Gp.
  • When you post news, it will earn you $0.052 / 30Gp.
  • You’ll earn $0.052 / 10Gp daily just for loging in into their system (your account).
  • When you register, you’ll receive $0.87 / 5GHS as a one-time registration bonus.
  • Inviting people into thier system will earn you up to $3.47 / 20GHS per user which is unlimited.

Cons Of Using SlickGain: Reasons Why I’m Not Going To Join Their Program

  1. The method available for receiving payments is Bank Transfer and Mobile Money Transfer.
  2. To be able to withdraw money from your account, you’re required to refer a minimum of 2 people weekly into their system. This means that getting referrals is compulsory and you won’t be able to cash out with them if you don’t get a minimum of 2 referrals every week which is very sad.
  3. Only Ghanaians and Nigerians can have full access to their website.
  4. In order to earn, you’ll need to purchase a package.
  5. Nigerians earn more than Ghanaians which is very bad.

Details You Need To Provide Before Earning From SlickGain

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Bank Account

Slik Gain Login

  1. Username/email address
  2. Password

How To Withdraw From SlickGain

Withdrawal is only available from Sunday 12 am to Friday 11 pm. Final payments are made on Saturdays and withdrawal portals are closed on that same day.

Is SlickGain Scam or Legit?


From what some people are saying slickgain might be a scamming website. I personally haven’t tested their platform before because I’m not ready to give referrals before I withdraw my own earned money. So be careful guys. Incase you have something to say, kindly write it down in the comments box. Thanks!



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  1. You mean I can't withdraw
    unless I bring in two new people

    1. Yhang Mhany Avatar
      Yhang Mhany

      Yes please

  2. Why I can't get my withdrawal fund,??

    1. Yhang Mhany Avatar
      Yhang Mhany

      You need referrals before you can withdraw

  3. this is really a scam…you asked of referrals before i can withdraw money but a friend of mine purchased a premium package and started earning and later withdrew 720cedis without been asked to refer before withdrawing …how is this possible ..she made a screen record and sent it to me

    1. Yhang Mhany Avatar
      Yhang Mhany

      Please can I get the video?
      Send it to my WhatsApp 0595753044

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