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My Experience

On the 18 of September 2020, I made a post about Ecoin Official being legit but to be honest guys Ecoin has stopped paying since 2021. No one knows what has happened to Ecoin. All that the admins in the Ecoin group on Telegram keep saying is, to wait for management. For real guys how long should we wait? Today in my post I’m declaring Ecoin as a Scam project. Once ecoin starts paying again, I will update this post immediately for you guys.

Ecoin Telegram Not Allowed to send messages
Ecoin Telegram Not Allowed to send messages

Guys, the screenshot above shows that ecoin has now turned off chatting among its users in their telegram group. This means no one is allowed to send any message to the group till this limit is lifted. Ecoin now seems to be a scam project to me.

Is Ecoin Scam Or Legit?

Status: Scam. Once Ecoin starts paying, I will update the status from scam to legit.


Funds recovery is another type of fraud, be aware!

Make sure to check these legit platforms before leaving;

  1. Legit Investment websites
  2. Legit Trading Platforms
  3. Perform Tasks and Earn
  4. Legit Mining Hardwares
  5. Legit Loan Providers
  6. Legit Crypto Faucet

When Ecoin Started back in 2020, A User named Ikechukwu Nwakpu on Quora said Ecoin is a Ponzi scheme but I never believed it because Ecoin was paying,

Ecoin is a Highly Fabricated Ponzi Scheme That Surpasses The Sergey Mavrodi Ponzi scheme known as MMM. May Not Last More Than Nine Months Starting 1st April 2020. However, Ecoin concept was designed to first share some percentage of their mined coins with the public on a handful of exchange window platforms as a way of gaining both trust and global public adoption by enticing the public into staking their hard-earned monies into Ecoin investment portfolio after the free airdrop.

The good news of Ecoin is that the first set of people to participate will succeed (only) on a “hit and run” approach. That’s never considered reinvestment after the first investment if you must invest; consider using (only) your airdrop-free earned coins to be safe.

However, we are observing “EcoinOfficial” since it’s a new program…they are making a promise to start payout on the 1st of April 2020, who knows if this is going to be a global April fool geared toward deceits and teasing?

My 2ndly point for you to consider is the fact that Ecoin’s policy implies having access to every participating email account which grants Ecoin access to import all your contacts on every participant’s email addresses associated with them during registration, highly suspicious

Ecoin Quora Review
Ecoin Quora Review

What Krishna Sarthak Tiwari Also Said About Ecoin

It collects the data from the email ids which are used to sign up. By referring you are just sharing the contacts of your email id so that they can give you directed ads. Also, they are not registered and don’t have a registered office anywhere in the world. Try reading about initiative q, ecoin is based on that. You will need to verify using your phone number before getting an airdrop so that they can get your number as well.


For now, I will advise everyone to stop wasting their precious time on Ecoin since it’s no longer paying. I no longer believe in Ecoin. Once it starts paying again, I will update this article

my ecoin dashboard
my ecoin dashboard

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